8th October 2018

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Sious skin actions can occu with this mdicin. Chck with you docto ight away i you o you child hav any o th ollowing symptoms whil using this mdicin: blisting, pling, o loosning o th skin, chills, diaha, itching, joint o muscl pain, ash, d skin lsions, otn with a pupl cnt, sos, ulcs, o whit spots in th mouth o on th lips, o unusual tidnss o waknss.

Th most commonly potd sid cts includ dynss o th skin and mucous mmbans (.g. chilitis, pistaxis, conjunctivitis).

Mmb, kp this and all oth mdicins out o th ach o childn, nv sha you mdicins with oths, and us this mdication only o th indication pscibd.

Whil taking isottinoin, you d and whit blood cll counts may dcas. Symptoms includ ling aint and having diiculty bathing.

Th dcision to stop manuactuing Accutan cam as th numb o advs vnts potd to th DA continud to gow. Th numb o lawsuits ov th dug also continud to climb.

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