8th October 2018

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Your doctor may prescribe other medicationssuch as nitroglycerinplaced under the tongueto relieve chest pain.

AAccording to the research availableregarding the safety of using atenolol and Symbicortan analysis of more than two dozen studies found that use of beta-blockers in patients with mild to moderate airway disease produced no adverse respiratory effects or decreased responsiveness to beta-2 agonists in the short termThere is little data existing regarding their safety during chronic use or use in patients with severe respiratory diseaseThe benefits generally outweigh the risks in patients with mild or moderate reactive airway disease that is well-controlled on inhaled corticosteroids and beta-2 adrenergic agonistsIn other wordsgenerally this combination of medication does not cause any problems in most patientsThere does not seem to be any problem with taking Singulair along with either atenolol or SymbicortIf you are experiencing any worsening of your respiratory symptomsthat is out of the ordinaryyou should contact your physician to evaluate the combination of your medicationsLori PoulinPharmD.

If atenolol is used for chest painit must also be taken regularlyIt should not be used to treat symptoms such as chest pain when they occur.

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